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iDISH is one of the nation’s premier online DISH Network retailers. Our main goals are to give you the best deal on DISH Network service and to provide the easiest and simplest way for you to order. We work hard to ensure that your order is filled quickly so you can enjoy DISH Network’s wide range of channels in your home.

  • NO Equipment to Buy
  • FREE Professional Installation
  • LIFETIME Equipment Warranty
  • 100% Digital Reception (no cable hikes)
  • FREE Home Protection Plan (up to 5 years)
  • FREE DVR Equipment Options
  • FREE HDTV Equipment Options

With Dish Network and unprecedented savings available save more on high definition (HD) channels and premiums than you ever thought possible. By ordering Dish Network Best Programming Offer today you recieve anyone of our great promotions going on right now! From our DishHD to HBO, and Cinemax channels, to DVR, Dish has all the programming options you could ask for. There are more channels options at lower price and total value than ever before. Check our offers listed above and contact us to take advantage of one of these outstanding offers.

Interested in Dish DVR Advantage?
Including over 200 top-quality channels including SIRIUS satellite music, sports, movies and local channels (check local availability). Additionally, the Dish DVR Advantage package includes 2-room DVR service and FREE standard installation. VCRs are a thing of the past. VHS tapes are constantly getting accidentally recorded-over, jammed, or misplaced. Not to mention the quality is lousy. Fortunately, Dish Network Offers an improved digital video recorder (DVR) when you sign up for a subscription. Once you see how a DVR works you will quite literally never settle for a VCR or plain cable TV again. Obtain a Dish Network DVR Deal and have the ability to record up to hundred hours of your favorite programs. With all those hours of digital TV programming it's definitely enough space for your entire family to save their own shows.

Dish TV DVR enables you to keep your programs as long as you like, for your own viewing pleasure or to entertain guests. Its a nice luxury to record your favorite program or film for free & not worry about returning a rental movie and late fees or paying for cassette tapes. With all the useful features & enhancements that DVR offers, it's sure hard to enjoy normal TV without it. Learning is easy and with a push of a button you'll be storing an entire season of your favorite shows, pausing live programs to answer the door or get the phone, switch and change from one program while you record another, or fast forward through commercials, which seriously cuts around a third of time per program you watch. You control your viewing experience.

Special HD and DVR Offers
Dish Network is currently advertising our most exciting Limited Time HD Line Up Ever. You can setup DVR and HD through Dish Network system at the same time. That's right, record broadcasting HD programming. This DVR receiver is capable of holding 250 gigabytes on its hard drive which translates into about 180 hours of standard definition TV, the HD DVR units may cost additional fees and recording times take up extra space. With 180 hours standard you will be able to store your family's favorite weekly programs and movies, even in High Definition!




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